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Naga International Support Center

The Nagas have lived under the pressure of invasion for more then 50 years. To come out of the isolation forced upon them - and the international community to recognize their struggle for self determination, they need your attention and help. The Naga International Support Center is determined to make the Nagas and their struggle known to the world. To enable us to project their rights there are severall intruiging opportunities to consider: 

Donations welcome
(respective means) at ING Bank No. 619634:
  • financial support and contribute within your means please
  • support in kind, contribute to the organization of cultural exposure
Be a volunteer:
  • come do your research internship with NISC
  • help organizing the European exposure tour
Contact NISC for inquiries:
  • Please write 'postcards', 'donation' or 'volunteer' in the subject line to: