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The Naga International Support Center, NISC, has been set up to focus attention on a very real but forgotten conflict. A conflict that resulted in a raging war on the frontiers of North East India and Myanmar, between the Naga peoples, India and Myanmar. Landlocked and inaccessible to outsiders, because of India's travel restrictions, Nagalim, homeland of the Nagas, has been practically isolated from the outside world. This being the main reason why the international community knows little about a war that has taken the lives of approximately 200.000 people.

The Nagas declared independence in 1947, one day ahead of the Union of India. The United Nations received this declaration and acknowledged the receipt of this communication, but until today the declaration of independence has not been recognized. After years of talks and negotiations in 1954 India invaded Nagalim and the conflict began in earnest. Much happened afterwards, see chronology of
history, but in 1997 the governments of India and Nagalim announced a cease-fire and peace talks followed. The talks are held outside India. Among other host countries tacitly the Netherlands has been a venue a number of times. More than five years have passed but progress has yet to be made. Worse, the two sides are still struggling on agreeing about the area covered by the cease-fire. While this struggling is going on repression continues; villages are torched and civilians get killed. To support the peace process Nisc, as a human rights organisation, launches a publicity campaign. NISC wants to make it known that the human suffering in the Nagalim and the rest of North East India should stop.

The Naga homeland, separated by a border between India and Myanmar, you will find in the
map section.

In the interest of human rights and specifically the right to self determination Nisc stands by the oppressed Naga peoples. To enable us to do hold an international conference that will attract the attention on both the public and the international community and the press, Nisc truly needs your support.

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